Complete information about pricing

Hi and welcome on my page!

I want you to enjoy the time with me as much as possible. My aim is to capture your feelings and transform an ordinary photoshoot to an extraordinary experience. For the best result, it is really important to work as a team.

1. The very first step is to book the photo shoot. You can make it via contact form or write to me on WhatsApp/Telegram on the phone.

2. Afterward, I’ll contact you within 36 hours and we will discuss together the details of the photoshoot, your requests, possible dates, and so on. 

3. How many photos?

The amount of photos depends on a chosen package, you can read more about it on the main page.

TEST and BASIC packages consist of 1 look. It is not possible because of the time limit. However, if you like to shoot more looks, I would recommend you choose the FULL package.

I would love to retouch more photos for you for an additional 50 Kč (2€) per photo.

Rent of the photo studio is an optional extra service, the price depends on the particular studio. In case of need, I would send you a list of studios with pricing per hour, which I believe would be best for the idea of the photoshoot.

4. Extra services.

There is no more need to buy new dresses for photoshoots! Now you can rent a stylish look created by my co-working stylist- Anna Nuralova. 

All the gorgeous dresses you can see in my catalog.

Also, I would recommend you polish your look with the help of a professional makeup artist. Just tell me and I give you contact on one of my reliable and favorite artists in the city.

5. How long should you wait? 

In few days starting from the next day of the photoshoot I will send you a link on a cloud server with a selection of the best photos from the whole photoshoot (the amount is according to the package you have chosen). These photos are still not retouched.

From all of them, you should choose those (again depending on your package), which you would like to be retouched. 2 weeks for me to finish and send you perfectly done shots start from the day when you send me a complete list of your chosen photos.

See the difference between original, corrected and retouched photos down on this page.

6. How can you pay? 

Bank transfer or by cash after the photoshoot. For studio photo sessions, it is needed to make a deposit before the photoshoot. A deposit will not be refunded in case of a cancelation.

Editing your photos

If you have any questions,
contact me in any way convenient for you!

If you have any questions,
contact me in any way convenient for you!